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Knit & Natter.

The NET Knit & Natter group meet every Tuesday from 2-00 till 4-00 pm at the NET Office.

If you can knit or would like to knit or would just like to have a natter over tea and biscuits come and join our friendly group.

The knitters have completed some fantastic projects over recent months such as items for Leeds General Infirmary Baby Care Unit, Winter Warmth campaigns and a Children's orphanage in Burma.

They not only completed numerous items for projects but also undertook the task of teaching children in the local schools how to knit.

Working with the Midwifery department of St James Hospital the ladies knitted 100 woollen breasts. These unique items help the midwives to demonstrate breastfeeding principles to new mothers.

The knitters are always up for a challenge but have also been known to knit “run of the mill” items such as hats, gloves and scarves.

Even if the old eyes are not as good as they used to be! We have the equipment and can help you cast off.