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Grief knocks you off balance emotionally, physically and mentally.

If the death had been expected, you tell yourself you should be able to cope, but you can’t. You think you’re over it, and you’re not You think you should feel all right because you have family and friends looking out for you – but you don’t feel all right because no one can replace the person who has died.

When you are bereaved you have to cope with a world which seems to have fallen apart. In practical terms, your life may have changed dramatically. You may have much less money, or you may be better off financially. You may be eating and sleeping alone for the first time, or be faced with household jobs which you used to share with the person who died. Losing a close family member or an old friend can mean that you have no one who shares your childhood memories and family jokes.

Yet the biggest changes are probably inside you. When someone close to you dies it can seem as though everything you took for granted has gone, that you have lost your sense of identity and self-worth. You may feel you have lost almost everything and haven’t much left to fall back on or look forward to.

This is a time to reach out, try something new and keep active.

SHARE is a social group at NET which is open to anyone who has been bereaved. It offers support understanding and encouragement to the bereaved.

SHARE aims to enable clients (over sixties) to help to find new friends, new interests and a new social life, in a safe environment and in the company of others who understand. We have no counselling but refer newly bereaved joining the group to also contact CRUSE Bereavement Care & The Listening & Counselling Centre.

Group meetings take place  on the last Thursday of the month from 2 - 4 pm.

Clients  meet for a cup of tea and a chat and often arrange social outings such as theatre visits, meals out, day trips etc

If you would like to join this group please contact the NET Office.