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Stroke Support Group.

The stroke support group meet at the NET Office on the second Thursday of the month from 2-00 to 4-00pm.

The NET Stroke Support Group works in partnership with the Stroke Association.

While everyone’s experience is different, meeting other stroke survivors or carers who understand what you are going through can help you throughout your recovery.

We offer non-medical support and advice in a friendly environment to those who have survived a Stroke along with their family and carers.

These services include:

Information on Strokes and how they affect people.

Help understanding the disabilities that may arise after Stroke.

Help with referrals to healthcare professionals.

Help with applications for pension credits and other benefits.

Form filling and help to deal with outside agencies.

Support for families and carers.

Regular social events and outings.


NET Stroke Support was formed in 2011 as a telephone support line, but has since grown and now works in partnership with the Stroke Association offering vital support services to stroke survivors in Garforth and the Neighbouring villages.

Through regular meetings and a programme of activities, we invite people to come together, share experiences, regain confidence, re learn skills, and try out new things. We pride ourselves at NET that the warmth, acceptance and emotional support that NET’s stroke support group offers can often be the key to uncovering the hidden strengths in many survivors.

(An excerpt from “Odyssey” by Inez Thoren, carer of stroke survivor)

Here are friends — people who do not shy away from us

because they are uncomfortable trying to communicate with us.

They have experienced, in varying degrees, the same anxieties, frustrations, anger, hopes and despair we have.

Here are people who can truly share our feelings when we are “down” as well as the elation of victory when progress, however small, is made.

We see others who are even less fortunate than we are and it

makes us thankful.

We see the accomplishments of those who have worked hard and long to make it to where they are, and it inspires patience.

We see the cheerfulness and courage of those whose lives have been devastated in a manner similar to ours, and it gives us hope.