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Walking is a great way to take exercise but sometimes it can be difficult if you don't know where you can walk, you don't have anyone to walk with or feel unsafe to walk alone. Health walks are arranged locally by trained Net Staff/ volunteer walk leaders. These walks are graded from walks on flat even surfaces to walking up steep hills and having to climb stiles.

NET Staff/Volunteer walk leaders will introduce themselves, identify the intended route and warn of any hazards along it. Before your first walk they will ask you to complete a brief health related questionnaire.

One of the walk leaders from NET will walk at or near the front and the other at the back of the group.

The walk consists of a gentle warm up walk, followed by walking at a brisker pace; the last five minutes will be a gentle warm down as the walk comes to an end.

The back walk leader will walk as slowly as the slowest walker to accommodate all ranges and speeds of walking abilities.

REMEMBER paths can become slippery.

What to wear/bring

Footwear should also be suitable for the weather e.g. trainers, sturdy flat shoes or even walking boots.

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather, e.g. trainers, sturdy flat shoes or even walking boots.

You may like to bring a small bottle of drinking water with you.


If you enjoy walking with us, why not become a volunteer walk leader!

Free training and equipment provided.

The more walk leaders we can recruit - the more walks we can offer!

For further information about any of the above contact the Neighbourhood Elders Team.