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Wii are the Champions!

Excited voices ring out ‘The bubble one’… ‘No, no the skiing’ chips in someone else….’ I like bowling’ adds another.

Wii Fit is helping older people across the area feel more confident, healthier and happier. And it’s all to do with balance

It consists of gentle games and sports played on a a 6ft x 6ft big screen mobile projector which includes bowling, tennis, baseball, golf and even boxing but don't worry there's no running involved! The Nintendo Wii uses a motion sensor to enable the player to move as though actually playing the real game but on a much gentler basis.

It’s been such a hit. For Jean (Basher) Beasley there’s no doubt this wireless technology is making a difference. “We all check who gets the most points,” smiles the 82 year-old. “It’s fun as well as exercising. It’s something we really look forward to.”

Sitting patiently , Joyce Pendall,  Olive Cornell,70, Derek Rouse, 87,Jim Briggs, ,Margaret , , Eric Clayton, , Ron Pickup,, and Wallace Else, 75, are all eagerly waiting their turn as Muriel shifts her weight from left leg to right on the Wii board. Her on screen character follows her every move, hurtling down the piste at 60mph dodging red and blue flags along the way.

“It’s a challenge,” says Una, the oldest in the group, “but it’s also a lot of fun. “You feel you have done something, you feel very good about yourself afterwards.”